“El baile de los 41” the new film by Alfonso Herrera, now in theaters

“The dance of the 41” the new film by Alfonso Herrera, now in theaters | INSTAGRAM

It was about a month ago when the actor Alfonso Herrera, posted from his profile on Twitter, the official trailer of the new mexican movie, where we can see him as the protagonist, “El Baile de los 41”.

Clearly, this name quickly caught the eye of users of Twitter and many of them made it known that they wanted to see the new Mexican film, moreover, because it is one of the most told stories, as if it were an “open secret” throughout the territory of the Mexican Republic.

The mentioned movie It stars Alfonso Herrera, Emiliano Zurita and Mabel Cadena, the direction is in charge of David Pablos. This film narrates the double life of Ignacio de la Torre and Mier, the husband of Amada Díaz, the daughter of the then president of Mexico, Porfirio Díaz.

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According to the trailer, the son-in-law of the historic Mexican president attended a party of gay men of the Porfirian class, they created a joint-stock company and managed to raise a stir in politics and even get the president himself in trouble at that time.

In the trailer of less than two minutes, you can see the president of the nation trying to cover up the evidence that his daughter’s husband was at said annual party, in the same way, this surprised social network users, because Many of them were delighted with the setting of the film, managing to catch them and want to be ready to see it on the big screen, totally thought entertainment.

“El Baile de los 41” hopes to criticize Mexican society to promote sexual diversity, because, although efforts have been made and hard work has been done to achieve it, unfortunately and unfairly on many occasions it continues to be a cause of discrimination and violence. , both verbal, psychological and physical, towards the LGBT + community because of their sexual preferences.

This film hit Mexican theaters this past November 19, so it is available in the most recognized movie theaters within the country.

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“If you are heterosexual, Mexican, non-Mexican, from the right, from the left, liberal, conservative, religious, atheist, prejudiced, empathetic … this movie is for you,” said the Mexican actor when sharing the aforementioned advance.

“The fact that a character is homosexual is not the most important thing, the situation is important, the context in which it is found. I have made two homosexual characters in the same way that I have played 40 heterosexual characters,” Herrera concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the direction of this film is in the hands of the 5-time winner of the Ariel Prize, David Pablos, led by the screenwriter Mónica Revilla, the two of them, together with the entire production team, were in charge of recreating the beginning of the century XX, at the time of the Porfiriato, undoubtedly a work worthy of applause.

As we already mentioned, this film will tell of an event that occurred on November 19, 1901, in Mexico City, when a group of police officers came to interrupt a high society dance and upon arrival they realized that half of those present were men dressed as women.

This event was instantly mediated and showed the clear rejection of homosexuality in Mexico.

The plot will focus on the life of Ignacio de la Torre y Mier, known as the 42nd assistant in the dance, which was hidden from the official record, in order to avoid a political controversy for being the son-in-law of President Porfirio Díaz, and this is precisely the character that actor Alfonso Herrera will play.