In urban music there is a new train crash. The Dominican El Alfa and the Mexican-Puerto Rican Tekashi69 are engrossed in « dimes and diretes » with risqué words.

Daniel Hernández (Tekashi69) called Emmanuel Herrera (El Alfa) « lambón », while denying that there had been the possibility of recording a song with him. (Lambón is a person who is always complacent with someone who understands superior, even when it looks bad to others or violates a moral rule, just to get benefits or recognition).

In early August, El Alfa said that he had refused to collaborate with Tekashi69 on one of his songs.

« I’m not going to mess up 12 years of career !! The # 69 thing is not going, I repeat, it is no longer going to be recorded with 69 « , El Alfa posted on his Instagram account.

This week, in an interview that he gave to journalist Gelena Solano « El Gordo y la Flaca » (Univisión), Tekashi69 affirmed that the Dominican dembowsero said that he had closed the supposed collaboration and that in reality it never existed.

« How do you not want to mess up twelve years of career …? I don’t even want to do the song with you, « said the Mexican-Puerto Rican rapper.

In that plane, Tekashi 6ix9ine assured that the interpreter of “Jamaica” will like me to talk about him because he needs those mentions, implying that it will benefit him in his career.

“He is a jerk. I don’t even know him. He is such an artist (short). However, who has a career like this (high) is me. the Alpha is here (short) « , (to exemplify it he put his hands like this: one up and one down, making a comparison between them of how the difference between their careers is).

In the conversation with Solano, in an interview that was broadcast in three parts, Tekashi showed an audio of a conversation with the Dominican in which he said: « Klok baby, could you open the section? » To which Tekashi expressed that « I never recorded the song, and when he saw, how many messages do I have to send to him for him to record? »

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed « El Animal » responded immediately to the publication of 69’s statements with an audio evidence in which the controversial rapper responded.

« I’m not used to teaching conversations !! But tell the truth you took off when I said that I was not going to record with you !! I am the animal, you were the one who (called me), there is your voice !! In 5 minutes I erase it, I am not here in controversy … « , El Alfa published on his Instagram account and later deleted.