Ejea takes the three points against Barakaldo (1-2)

04/07/2021 at 8:03 PM CEST

The Ejea won away from home in front of Barakaldo by 1-2 in their first match of the competition, which took place this Wednesday in the New Lasesarre. With this score, the Ejea team is second with 17 points at the end of the game and the Barakaldo sixth with 21 points in the locker after the match.

The game started in an excellent way for him Ejea, which premiered the light with a goal from Carracedo in the 11th minute. The local team tied with a goal of Seguín at 37 minutes, ending the first half 1-1 on the scoreboard.

After the break, in the second half came the goal for the Ejea team, as he knew how to take advantage of the play and managed to cross the net of his opponent with a goal from Ruben Garcés near the conclusion, in 93, ending the match with the result of 1-2.

In the chapter on changes, the Barakaldo from Javi luaces relieved Etxeberría, Pablo Goñi, Ajuriagoikoa and Bengoetxea by Alain Ribeiro, Jon urkiza, Rober Pitu and Seguín, while the technician of the Ejea, Javi moreno, ordered the entry of Nestor and Brian to supply Javi alamo and Segovia.

The match referee showed eight yellow cards. Of the two teams, Seguín and Rober Pitu of the local team and Javi alamo, Moustapha, Nahuel, Carracedo, Nestor and Chechu Dorado The visiting team were booked with a yellow card.

With this result, the Barakaldo gets 17 points and the Ejea get 21 points after winning the match.

On the second day the Barakaldo will play against Mutilvera away from home, while the Ejea will face the Alaves B in his fiefdom.

Data sheetBarakaldo:Hodei Oleaga, Picón, Carles Martinez, Obolskiy, Rober Pitu (Ajuriagoikoa, min.87), Seguín (Bengoetxea, min.87), Gándara, Estrada, Jon Urkiza (Pablo Goñi, min.80), Pablo Santana and Alain Ribeiro ( Etxeberría, min. 80)Ejea:Miguel, Lolo Guerrero, Chechu Dorado, Mirambel, Javi Álamo (Nestor, min. 70), Moustapha, Marrufo, Nahuel, Carracedo, Segovia (Brian, min. 80) and VicenteStadium:New LasesarreGoals:Carracedo (0-1, min. 11), Seguín (1-1, min. 37) and Rubén Garcés (1-2, min. 93)