Eiza González shares her ice cream with a mysterious man

Eiza Gonzáles is an enigma regarding her relationships; However, the actress has never stopped to hear what is said about it.

It has been a long time since Eiza González has been captured with Dusty Lachowicz, who was presumed to be her boyfriend. Rather, he has now been seen with a mysterious companion while eating ice cream in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old star looked dashing and confident as she chatted with a boy whose identity is unknown, to whom she selflessly offered some of her ice cream, simply for sharing.

Without seeming to have any kind of tie or commitment to someone else, Eiza seemed to enjoy her outing without giving too much to the labels or what they will say. After all, she is a grown-up and friendly woman.

Covered by a fur coat, Eiza lowered her mask to her neck and prepared to share her ice cream with the person who was accompanying her, who seemed to enjoy the bite she could taste.

After all, the star has no qualms about indulging himself from time to time, since in general he leads a fairly balanced life that is complemented by a very effective exercise routine, thanks to which he has a championship abdomen.

Eiza is enjoying the honeys of her success, as the roles she has played in “I care a lot” and “Godzilla vs Kong” have been quite well received by critics. As if that were not enough, his action scenes in “Ambulance” have been a great advance to see the film without fail.

In addition to this, she is the first Mexican ambassador of a Louis Vuitton fragrance, who signed her to be the image of “On the beach” whose campaign shows her holding a surfboard while her body is covered in body painting.