Eiza González: people don’t just want to see white men in movies and TV

Actress Eiza González continues to challenge stereotypes one step at a time. After his performance in Baby – The Crime Apprentice – 93% and Welcome to Marwen in 2017 and 2018, respectively, his appearance on the big screen tripled, literally speaking, as in each of the following years he starred in at least three films. Battle Angel: The Last Warrior – 55% and Hobbs & Shaw in 2019 allowed him to reach many territories as they are two films that have a large fan base, and in 2020 he starred in Bloodshot – 47% and Neglected, I take care of you – 75%, the latter from Netflix, with which he again won over the public.

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The transition she made in her career was not easy for her, although it may seem so now. González came from being a child star, which means she grew up in the eyes of the public, and with being a child star comes scrutiny as to whether she will be able to keep up with acting as a grown woman. But in the case of Eiza Gonzalez Another factor also had to be added, and that is that when it came to Hollywood there was not so much acceptance for Latin actresses. This has changed today, although we still encounter diversity issues in the industry, but the situation is a bit more flexible now.

Being a woman in the industry, and also a Latina, automatically made her the target of stereotypes. The actress told El País that she tried everything to avoid being pigeonholed, including cutting her hair short so that her roles are not only that of a sexy woman, but she assured that this did not prevent the film studios from making her wear extensions to have it long. She also said that she was forced to have a certain accent in several of her films.

Over time, this made the actress escape the clichés by recognizing the things she deserves. And not only her, but also her colleagues, who thanks to the greater acceptance by some studies, mainly from those who dominate streaming, since their stories are quite diverse in terms of their plots, since they put them as protagonists and not as actors used to fulfill a diversity quota.

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According Eiza Gonzalez, the change in the industry is so palpable that it has made several studies realize that the public not only wants to see white men in film and television, but more stories with people that reflect a more real side of society. The success of the new productions reflects that a large part of the public wants to see more, and that means a greater opportunity to work in the industry. The actress sees it as a necessary and positive change happening naturally.

This is what he told El País:

They are understanding that people want to see other things, not just the story of the white person with another white person in a romantic comedy. Platforms are finally understanding that the future is multifaceted. I am super grateful to my African American, Latino and Asian colleagues because we have all helped each other. And I will always support them because when you are a minority you understand their struggles. Although they are different, we understand the feeling of not being seen.

It should be noted that this reality is easier to notice mainly through streaming, where it is the subscribers of services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, who have the largest number of registered people, who thanks to the content they reproduce in these catalogs they let companies know directly what they like the most, and in this way the studios know what to continue developing or what decisions to make about it in terms of their productions.

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