Eiza González joins the #FreeBritney campaign and defends the singer

The case of Britney Spears continues to break hearts on social networks and there are not a few celebrities who are raising their voices in their favor. Eiza González, Mexican actress who in recent months has been successful thanks to productions such as Descuida, yo te caido – 75% or Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, take his profile on Twitter and demand justice for Britney, who for many years has fought against the oppression of her family, is not a free woman but she is trying to be.

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The world was not ready for Britney Spears when in 1999 he released “Baby One More Time”, his first studio album that also brought the self-titled hit that would give him worldwide fame. When the music video for the song was recorded, Britney She was only 16 years old and was shown dancing and dressing like a schoolgirl; Of course, the material made her a person of desire all over the world, with all means sexualizing her to scandalous regions without anyone being able to do something about it, much less her.

In 2008, after a series of crises, Jamie spears, the singer’s father, was appointed her guardian and since then he has had absolute control of her life, including her money; At that time, the #FreeBritney movement also emerged, which continues to seek the release of the singer, who has suffered a lot of harassment and trauma for becoming a world star and the main economic supporter of her family.

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Recently, Britney He appeared in California Court to offer strong statements about his father, revealing that for years he has suffered abuse: “I deserve change. I just want to get my life back, 13 years have passed and that’s enough. It’s enough and it doesn’t make any sense … I’m done. ” In the face of scandal, Eiza Gonzalez becomes one of the Hollywood celebrities who openly demands justice and freedom for Britney:

Speechless. This is complete bullshit from an outdated and corrupt system. I’m heartbroken for Britney. I grew up admiring her so much and finding out that she has been completely deprived of her own life for so long is heartbreaking. Justice for Britney. #FreeBritney

During your stay at court, Britney She also asked for home therapy and even mentioned that she intends to sue her family for all the abuse they have subjected her to, especially her father. Every aspect of the life of Britney He is controlled in a millimeter way by the father, he can only go out with surveillance and he is not allowed to marry or have children again. Perhaps the strongest statement he made in court was that of his social networks, revealing that everything in them is a lie:

I have lied and told everyone that I am fine and that I am happy. Is a lie. I’ve been in denial. I was in shock. I am traumatized. ‘Pretend until you make it’, but now I’m telling you the truth, okay? I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. I’m depressed. I cry every day.

During the last hours we have observed the name of Britney on global social media trends, especially on Twitter, where the conversation about the singer has not stopped and the #FreeBritney hashtag is stronger than ever. Will we see justice for the singer in the future? Many years have passed since he lost his freedom, he is about to turn 40 and wants to regain a little of the life that was taken from him. At the moment no more movements have been reported in the California court, only that the father feels very bad to see his daughter suffer.

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