Eiza González appears on Netflix and Twitter is excited by Baby Driver | .

After the Netflix platform added the movie of Baby Driver practically immediately in Twitter Actress Eiza González went viral.

After I moved to U.S Trying your luck in Hollywood Eiza has had large shares in different film projects.

Thanks to this, she has positioned herself as one of the most important women not only in Mexico but also in the United States because it is fortunate to have many projects on the doorstep.

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The movie of Baby Driver premiered in 2017It was directed by director Edgar Wright and won several awards and Oscar nominations.

Synopsis of the movie agree Netflix: Baby is a deep music addict with a bad guy. He only has one job left, but he’s about to go sideways.

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The plot is based on the protagonist called Baby who is an Atlanta criminal escape driver who works to pay off a debt to Doc a criminal mind, for stealing a car from him however before finishing the last job he will stop by pretty cool stuff.

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Although Eiza had a role not as important as the protagonist does an excellent performance and that is why her admirers especially those who are of Mexican origin are very proud of her.

« Baby Driver is already available on Netflix, remember that today at 2:00 p.m. (Mexico) we will try to make EIZA trend on NETFLIX », shared a fan club of Eiza González on Twitter.

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The pretty Mexican actress She has shown that you don’t have to show too much to be flirtatious and drive your fans crazy. Eiza shared several photographs on social networks where she can be seen quite cute and always in somewhat sober and elegant outfits.

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