Goals rain in Frankfurt. Eintracht and Freiburg signed three in a totally crazy game, with many script changes and where justice was done to local dominance. Those of Streicht, who move away a little from Europe, had two goals of advantage that the eagles matched in the blink of an eye.


Act at 23:21





Eintracht Frankfurt

Trapp; Rode (de Guzmán, 74 ‘), Touré (Chandler, 81’), Hasebe, Hinteregger (N’Dicka, 90 ‘), Kostic; Ilsanker, Kamada, Torró (Kohr, 46 ‘); Dost (Gacinovic, 74 ‘), Silva.


Schwolow, Schmid, Koch, Gulde, Gunter; Sallai (Lienhart, 59 ‘), Abrashi (Frantz, 87’), Hofler, Griffin (Kwon Chang-Hoon, 82 ‘); Holer, Waldschmidt (Petersen, 59 ‘).


0-1 M.28 Tap. 1-1 M.35 André Silva. 1-2 M.68 Petersen. 1-3 M.70 Holer. 2-3 M. 79 Kamada. 3-3 M.82 Chandler.


M. Petersen. AT: Rode (30 ‘), Ilsanker (67’), Hasebe (93 ‘), Gacinovic (95’) / Waldschmidt (20 ‘).


Match played at the Commerzbank-Arena

The duel started from the busiest. The emergencies they sent and both sets needed a triumph like eating and thus recover the good feelings. It took little time to see the first exchange of blows from both sides. But the clearest was Bas Dost, with a shot that was licking the wood. Although the goal ended up coming from the visiting side. After a good triangulation on the left wing, Grifo entered the area and beat Trapp with a shot that deflected a local defender.

Eintracht’s reaction was immediate. Shortly after, ex-Sevilla player André Silva appeared to equalize the contest. He was more attentive than anyone and put his head after Schwolow’s rejection at Kamada’s shot. The goal gave wings to the eagles, as Kostic was very close to completing the comeback before the break. The visiting goal avoided it.

Eintracht’s positive inertia continued at the start of the second half. And that was a siege. The arrivals were continuous and it was hard to believe that the tie to one did not move. Hutter’s men earned enough merit to take all three points, but in two blows, the Freiburg went from being touched and practically sunk to rising from its ashes. Newly entered the pitch, Petersen sent a powerful header to the back of the nets to give his team an advantage. And two minutes later, it seemed that Holer was signing the triumph culminating a counter without getting nervous.

But sometimes football is fair. It was very cruel that the locals left empty after the good game that had curdled. And in the same way that Freiburg scored two goals, the Eintracht responded immediately. Kamada took advantage of a defensive error to shorten distances and Chandler, who made a gap between the defense to put the boot, equaled the contest. A draw to three that does not leave anyone completely satisfied, although the eagles breathe easier, adding after five consecutive defeats.