Eight Tips for Your Kids to Talk About Their Feelings


Children are often very expressive in expressing their basic emotions and feelings. At other times, it may happen that these feelings are not so evident, either because they do not dare to show them, because they still do not know what is happening to them or because they do not know how to express it.

During the pandemic, which has disrupted lifestyles around the world, some children are having more tantrums than usual. Others may be more absorbed in their world or more sensitive. For parents, witnessing these behavior changes can be worrisome. Pay attention to the following ideas to get your young children to open up and tell you how they are feeling.

Write poems

My eight-year-old daughter wrote me this adorable ‘puema’ (so she wrote) about happiness. You, too, can encourage your young children to channel their emotions through words to see what comes out.

Write a letter

Another alternative is to write letters to each other or to someone else (no need to send them). Write down everything that bothers you or worries you and put the letter in the “worry box”.

Play to change the roles

Sometimes children show their feelings when they pretend to be someone else (or something else). Play role-playing: you can be their teacher in an imaginary school and your children can be students of that school. Once the stage is set, ask them how they feel at that school. You can also take several toy figures and ask your children to improvise a theater scene with you.

Use flashcards

If your children are very young, use flashcards with basic facial expressions (like “happy” …

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