Eight detainees in Barcelona on the sixth night of riots over Hasel’s prison | World | America Edition

The police arrested eight people last night in Barcelona, ​​on the sixth day of riots over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, so that there are already 109 people arrested throughout Catalonia since last Tuesday.

The Catalan capital is the epicenter of the demonstrations to demand the release of the 33-year-old rapper, who entered prison on the 16th to serve a nine-month sentence for crimes of glorifying terrorism and insults to the Crown, after accumulating other convictions.

As reported on Monday by the Catalan police, of the eight arrested in last night’s protests, five were arrested for robbing a clothing store in the center of Barcelona and stealing, and the remaining three for crimes of attack against police officers. authority and public disorder.

What began last Tuesday as a series of protests that spread throughout Spain against Hasel’s imprisonment for a crime of expression, degenerated in many cases into violent riots, especially in Barcelona.

Most of the political forces have condemned these disturbances, although the left-wing group United We Can, which is part of the Spanish government, has not done so.

The head of the Catalan Government for the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, affirmed yesterday that, in his view, there was a lack of “forcefulness” from “all political and social forces” to ask that the protests not lead to riots and considered that what happened in Catalonia since Tuesday “it is not the right to demonstrate.”

During the incidents this Sunday, nine officers were injured by throwing bottles and blunt objects, two of whom were transferred to hospitals.

On the other hand, according to the emergency medical service, eleven people had to be treated, ten of them in a mild condition and one of something more serious and three of them were transferred to health centers.

In Barcelona, ​​where the biggest riots are taking place, violent groups once again threw stones, glass bottles and garbage bags at the agents who were guarding the streets yesterday afternoon.

These groups also formed several barricades in the streets of the center of the Catalan capital and lit a bonfire near the Palau de la Música, a historic building that has already suffered other attacks in previous days.

Firefighters had to act by burning fifteen containers.

Since last Tuesday, more than 700 containers were burned or damaged in the Catalan capital by groups of hooded men who are not related to the peaceful demonstrations in support of Hasel that are also taking place.