Eight dead, including six soldiers, after IS ambush in Iraq

Six soldiers and two civilians died on Saturday night in an ambush organized by jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) about 200 kilometers north of Baghdad (Iraq), a local police official told ..

A bomb, placed on the side of a road, exploded when a civilian vehicle passed by and later policemen and members of the paramilitary group Hashd al Shaabi who approached the area were shot by jihadists, the police source told ..

“Four members of the tribal Hashd,” the Sunni units of this pro-Iranian Shiite-dominated paramilitary coalition, “two policemen and two civilians were killed in the IS attack,” Mohamed Zidan, mayor of Zuiya, told .. 50 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital.

At the moment, the attack was not claimed by any group, but Zidan and the police source attributed it to IS.

Iraqi authorities declared “victory” in the war against IS in 2017, but this jihadist group maintains clandestine cells in the country’s Sunni provinces, especially in Salahuddin province, where Saturday’s attack took place.

Eleven people, including members of the security forces, lost their lives about 10 days ago in an attack on a military post west of Baghdad, in which five of the victims were also part of the tribal Hashd.

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