Egypt and Israel advance in the thaw of their relations

First public meeting between Israel and Egypt in more than a decade, with rising tension in the Gaza Strip as a backdrop. With this meeting, a relationship that had cooled with the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is thawed.

Now with the current Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennet, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has spoken about the maintenance of the ceasefire in Gaza, or the controversial Ethiopia dam.

Egyptian President Abdelfatah al Sisi received Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Tuesday in the coastal city of Sharm al Sheikh.

According to a statement from the Egyptian Presidency, during this unusual meeting “the evolution of bilateral relations in various fields” was addressed, as well as “the latest developments at the regional and international level, especially those related to the Palestinian cause.”

Al Sisi conveyed to Bennett his country’s position, in favor of the two-state solution and international resolutions as a way to “improve security and prosperity for all the peoples of the region.”

He also noted “the importance of the international community’s support for Egypt’s efforts to rebuild the Palestinian territories,” as well as “maintaining calm between the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” according to the note.

For its part, the Israeli prime minister’s office reported in a statement that Bennett “emphasized the significant role that Egypt plays in maintaining security stability in the Gaza Strip and in finding a solution to the prisoner issue. and missing persons “.

Egypt mediated to reach the truce between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas and has held talks with their respective delegations to agree on a prisoner exchange, in addition to contributing millions of dollars for the reconstruction of the Palestinian enclave.

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Bennett, who took office in June, was invited to Egypt by Al Sisi last month, but his visit so far was undated and has been kept secret until today.

January 6, 2011 was the last time an Israeli prime minister visited the land of the pharaohs, and Benjamin Netanyahu then met with Hosni Mubarak, just weeks before the Egyptian leader was deposed.

Egypt has hosted several summits and meetings on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and is the main mediator between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, bordering Egypt and a source of tension for both the Egyptian Government and the israeli

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