Edwin Luna’s daughter believed that the singer was homosexual: “They say that you are gay”

Due to their image and their support for the LGBT + community, they have not tired of hinting that Edwin Luna is gay and after being the target of criticism about his preferences the singer’s daughter asked him to tell her the truth once and for all.

That’s how it is, Edwin was questioned about his sexuality, nothing more and nothing less than his little daughter, who openly asked the following question: Dad, are you gay?, since the comments reached her, despite the fact that he tries to take care of his little ones from the exposure on social networks.

“He says to me: ‘Dad, are you gay? In the report they say that you are gay, so I want you to tell me. The press says that you have an earring, that your hair ‘”, Edwin recounted on the YouTube show ‘Pinky Promise’ where he was invited.

As a bucket of cold water the vocalist of “La Trakalosa de Monterrey” fell the previous question, so she had to honestly answer her 8-year-old.

“I answered him, ‘Look, I’m like that because this and this,’ he says, ‘Are you sure?’ And I said, ‘sure’ ”, he said.

Another issue that his daughters have reproached him for is that on social networks or on television they see that he is supposedly romantically related to many women, so he has also had to deal with it.

“I have touched everything, that I say ‘wow!’. It’s funny because I think it’s something strong for your daughter to tell you, “said Luna.

Finally though he has repeatedly clarified his heterosexualityHe also expressed that rumors do not bother him and that he simply ignores them to put his career in the first place, which is the one that really interests him.

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