Edwin Hernández, .

He knew him very well because they were champions in Chivas, they had to live many tournaments together and Edwin Hernández assured that Eduardo López, with whom he argued strongly several times, lacks determination to succeed in Mexican soccer, because until today there is more talk about whether he is fat, from his extra-court themes than from his contribution to the team on the field.

“We know that the easiest thing as professionals is to take care of yourself, not to commit stupid things because you are in an institution in which everyone knows you and from the diet, because we know that you do not have self-discipline to control what you eat and being a professional player when a lot is expected of you. Yes, he has been overrated because he is a great player, but I have always said that nobody is so indispensable. Sometimes it is also good that they have given him the opportunity to leave for a long time “.

The “Aris” was honest, he left no doubts about anything and he sees in “Chofis” a person with a very particular talent, but he lacks professionalism, best friends, guidance and a little more respect.

“I have a lot that I stopped talking to him because of his psychological issue, because if he is a guy in football, he is very good, he has qualities that many players do not have, but he lacks someone to help him in that sense. There are stages of maturity as players. , but there is a saying that says that ‘there are woods that do not take varnish’ “.

He hopes that now that he will be trying his luck on another team, now he is determined to succeed, because until now he has lacked that and he will need it a lot, since he will compete in other teams with very talented players.

“He believes that leaving the institution could transcend, I think it will be more complicated. I want to be wrong. Chivas plays with Mexican cigars and that is why he has the opportunity to play, because we are going to see if in a Monterrey they prefer to play with ‘ Chofis’ to a Funes Mori, in León to put ‘Chofis’ to a Mena. They are players who also have quality, who are faster and maybe they are more explosive, more professional and I want to see, if it is true than in another club you are going to be able to exploit what you think you are. Now, if it was no longer good in Chivas then go away “.

The now Chapulineros player believes that in Guadalajara in the desire to have a crack, they put up with him too much, they allowed him many things and in the end, it was a failed bet.

“He had a lot of patience because since I was there they said that the ‘Chofis’, that the’ Chofis’ and we all wait for the ‘Chofis, the’ Chofis’ and she is already 25 or 26 years old, and at an age at which He would have exploded. Poor guy, because he has many qualities but unfortunately if he doesn’t want to exploit them, nobody will make him explode. “

As long as López does not decide to succeed, there will be no one to help him because in Chivsa they have given him everything until he is fed up and he has not taken advantage of it.

“It only depends on him, because no matter how much you give him nutritionists, psychologists, there comes a time when he will be alone and you can be with him for 10 hours, but the others what he will do when he is alone. They will not be taking care of him daily, all day and at all hours. Here it is only that he wants to transcend “.

Something very important is also to change the circle of friends, your environment because something is not right and you must surround yourself with people who help you, not harm you.

“That is the fundamental part, you get to know a lot of people that when you are playing it is ‘suck blood’, that’s what false friends are called. When he is no longer (playing) we will see who gets stuck. I don’t know what problems have family or personal, because it is part of their behavior. “

Many have recommended him to do things, they gave him advice and one of them was Matías Almeyda when he had him as a coach, but he does not seem to have understood “Chofis” either.

“Matías said it once, that the player who does not study is different from the one who does study. Being prepared opens your mind in a positive way, to know what you want, to see where you are going and he lacks a lot of preparation in that sense because I know and he always drives with cars, with this, with the other and pure problems, they only talk about him in that sense. In Chivas they judge you like that but he has asked for that kind of comments “.

The problem of López perhaps, from the point of view of “Aris” Hernández, has a much more difficult background, which is not grounded in reality because they do not help him to have goals, objectives and if from the root it is wrong, it is difficult to leave to rearrange.

“The values, teachings that your parents teach you is what you are as a person. I don’t know how his parents are with him, if they reprimand him or not give him a ball and that is where he should come too. He’s grown up and makes his own decisions, But I’m 34 and my mom keeps scolding me when I’m wrong, that’s okay, because when someone reprimands you it is because they esteem you and for me that my parents reprimand me helps me focus on my children and teach them. He will know his reasons, but also so much patience that they have had has affected him to be able to exploit his talent “.

The discussions that “Aris” had with “Chofis” were in various aspects during the time they were living together, which makes it clear to Hernández that he has no clear objectives or goals to achieve.

“We should ask him what he wants, where does he want to go. It’s good, we all know that, but what are his ambitions? Where does he want to go? What are his goals? Because that keeps anyone alive. and wanting to transcend and for him to be where he is, it seems to be enough, because someone with his talent and qualities would be there for many more things “.

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