Eduardo Núñez of the World Series with Red Sox goes to Japan

The dominican Eduardo Nunez signed with the Fubon Guardians of the Taiwan League to play professional baseball after achieving nothing with the MLB .

Núñez just took two shifts in the MLB 2020 with the New York Mets before being cut by that team and not being signed by any other. Eduardo Núñez is still 33 years old and has a lot to give.

Eduardo Nunez It was that player who won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox being one of the best infielders on the team at that time, however, he goes off to live a new experience in another league.

For about 10 seasons in the MLB , he hit 276. With 58 homers, 309 RBIs, 135 walks, 142 stolen bases, 19 triples, 149 doubles, 353 runs scored and in 858 games.

The San Juan native played for the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins and New York Mets. We are talking about a 6’0 tall, 195-pound veteran.

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