Eduardo Capetillo’s wife, Biby Gaytán, begs for help

Eduardo Capetillo's wife, Biby Gaytán, begs for help (Instagram)

Eduardo Capetillo’s wife, Biby Gaytán, begs for help | Instagram

The followers of the histrionic Biby Gaytán were concerned at one point after realizing the anguish of the actress, wife of Eduardo Capetillo after sending a message through their social networks.

The remembered telenovela protagonist, wife of the actor Eduardo Capetillo, who decided to echo a good cause so this time he used social networks to make himself heard and thus achieve that his message will reach many people.

After the events that occurred in the state of Tabasco, which was mostly affected by the heavy rains, the actress and singer requested help for the victims of the region.

After the floods that occurred in the area due to the storm ETA that left several people harmed, the actress originally from Tapachula, Chiapas addressed an emotional message.

Dear Tabasco countrymen, the events of these days have submerged our land under water, that is why we must unite as a people in generosity and strength.

It was through their stories of Instagram where the television star broadcast the call for help, the actress herself also shared her solidarity with all the victims as she recalled that she experienced a similar situation during her childhood.

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It should be mentioned that “Biby” is still considered one of the most beloved figures in the artistic environment and although her presence in the performance has been intermittent, she still enjoys great popularity with her husband and family on social networks, so this time He took the opportunity to join the support of these people who were at the mercy of the abundant rainfall.

The Mexican celebrity reiterated that she knows the clamor that several families are going through since in this area the rains are very heavy, so the floods leave those who have less unprotected.

Eduardo Capetillo’s wife, today the mother of five children, knows very well about these situations since she explained that she experienced a flood in the area where she lived in Tapachula, Chiapas, so she could not stay with her arms crossed.

I understand the hard times that I am going through and I want to share with you that the anguish and pain that you are experiencing today in Tabasco are not alien to me, although I was very young, I can still remember the despair of my parents when we went to the water “.

Biby Gaytán shares a story on Instagram where she joins the cause of the floods in Tabasco and Chiapas. Capture Instagram

In the same way, the histrionic shared on her Instagram Stories, information about the collection centers for sending these supports.

As well as in another of the publications, he shared various organizations to which help for the victims could be channeled, both in kind and monetary.

It should be remembered that Tabasco and Chiapas were recently hit by tropical storm Eta, which left 99,573 homes affected, 302,498 people affected and 8 lost their lives, according to a report from the State Civil Protection.

The passage of ETA caused serious floods, cold fronts and lost millionaires, not to mention that several families were left without homes and even had to be evicted from the area and were placed under the protection of the National Army.

So now Biby Gaytán, was one of the celebrities who joined this prayer and in some way provide support in the face of these disasters.

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Today the Capetillo live in the State of Mexico in a beautiful ranch where both have remained faithful to Mexican traditions, something of which the actress has shown proudly in several of her publications where part of the clothing or accessories of artisanal type, a taste that particularly his daughters have also inherited.