Eduardo Capetillo reveals that a malignant melanoma was removed

After a few days ago Eduardo Capetillo reveals his skin cancer diagnosis , the soap opera actor returned to social networks to clarify some questions that were left for his fans. The 51-year-old actor also did it to calm those who were concerned about his health, emphasizing that this situation occurred many years ago, and revealed that he underwent surgery in which a malignant melanoma (cancer) was removed.

Biby Gaytán and her children© @ bibygaytan Eduardo Capetillo revealed the news of the illness he suffered a long time ago in a video on his daughter’s YouTube channel

Through his social networks, the soap opera actor like Marimar thanked everyone for their love and support after that harsh revelation about his health and detailed the procedure he underwent. “Dear friends, I deeply appreciate the interest and concern towards me, regarding the issue of skin cancer that I spoke about in my daughter Ana Paula’s program. I want to clarify that A few years ago they removed a malignant melanoma (cancer) this was an isolated episode and it was the product of excessive exposure to the sun’s rays WITHOUT proper protection, I check myself once a year and so far everything is OK luckilyFor me, no more sun and when there is a lot of sun protection, if you take the proper precautions there is no reason to go through that again, thank you ”, he wrote in a post published on his Instagram profile.

This publication occurs a few days after the actor himself revealed inadvertently that he had suffered from cancer some time ago. Eduardo collaborated on his daughter Ana Paula’s YouTube channel, in which the young woman put her makeup skills to the test. While this moment between father and daughter was unfolding, Biby Gaytán’s husband touched on the subject of her illness and commented, addressing his daughter: “You and I are white skinned,” he explained. “People with white skin must be very careful with the sun’s rays.”

Eduardo Capetillo© @ capetillo_eduardo The 51-year-old actor also advises his children on skin care

Capetillo continued along that same line and said: “To me, I want to tell you, dear friends, that this is a first for all of you here on the channel of my daughters; I got skin cancer from getting so much sun ”.

Within that revealing confession, Capetillo shared that his dermatologist strictly prohibited him from sunbathing, in addition to that in his daily routine he should not miss sunscreen, as well as a timely review on an annual basis. “To me, I want to tell you, dear friends, that this is a first for all of you here on my daughters’ channel; I got skin cancer from getting so much sun ”.

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