eDreams ODIGEO climbs on the Continuous to the highest of seven years ago

It is clear that cyclical stocks are beginning to recover what they lost a year ago due to the pandemic. The market is recovering little by little and some stocks are returning to the growth path that they brought in the pre-pandemic levels. An example of this is eDreams ODIGEO, which is currently experiencing increases of more than 3% in the Continuous Market, being able to reach maximums of seven years ago at the close.

The travel company started the year with certain imbalances due to the irregularities that the market was still experiencing, but six months later it began to recover and took off stronger than ever. The desire to travel of the population causes the demand for this type of product and services to skyrocket and companies see a considerable increase in the value of their titles reflected.

Already preparing for what is still to come in the coming months for the summer holidays, eDreams ODIGEO closed the day yesterday at 6.210 euros per share, a figure that exceeds today reaching the 6,420 euros intraday, value on which it is currently moving and that, if it closed the day thus, would make it reach highs from seven years ago, when in June 2014 the value of its shares was around 6 euros.

In addition, eDreams ODIGEO is made with the Continuous Market hikes Today with increases of 3.22% and is positioned with a accumulated annual 53.79%.

From the technical side of the company, the stock market indicators give it a total score of 9.5 out of 10 possible points, one more than in its previous assessment, thus obtaining a technical outstanding in a strong uptrend.

The upward trend in the long and medium term, the slow and fast total moment, the increasing volume in the long and medium term and the range of decreasing amplitude in the medium term stand out as positive. The only indicator less favorable for eDreams ODIGEO is the long-term range, which is increasing.

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