Edomex. Intermunicipal plan against fires created in Texcoco region

Seven municipalities that make up the Texcoco region presented the Intermunicipal Fire Contingency Plan 2021 (PICCI 2021), with which a joint action protocol will be established in the event of an emergency.

In the project The municipalities of Atenco, Chiautla, Chiconcuac, Papalotla, and Tepetlaoxtoc will participate, as well as Texcoco and Tezoyuca, who will act in a coordinated manner against possible fires in forest areas.

Although of these localities only Tepetlaoxtoc and Texcoco have mountainous areas, in the event of an accident the rest of the municipalities will also participate actively to put out the fire if necessary.

According to the authorities, the inter-municipal mechanism will allow the creation of a prevention agenda that encourages training among government personnel and the general population in fire fighting.

In them, public security personnel from all municipalities will collaborate, as well as rescue, emergency and firefighter elements, who will lead the accident care crews.

In this regard, the municipal president of Texcoco Sandra Luz Falcón Venegas, He noted that coordination between governments will allow the implementation of immediate actions against fires to prevent their growth.

It will also allow coordinated attention in conflagrations that occur in grasslands and hilly regions of the municipalities of the Texcoco area, which increase in the first months of the year.

He explained that elements of the National Guard of the Texcoco region, the Forest Promoter (Probosque) and the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) were also included in the protocol.

The last fire that was registered in the eastern zone occurred on February 8, when community members from Coatepec, in Ixtapaluca, climbed the mountain to try to put out a forest fire that was registered on Mount Tláloc.