Edna Schmidt sued Telemundo Chicago after leaving for alcoholism

Edna Schmidt sued Telemundo Chicago after her firing.

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The Univision television network reported early in the morning the passing of journalist Edna Schmidt, who worked for some time in “Wake up America”. The causes of his death are still unknown, but the certainty of the void left by his death is felt in social networks. The journalist also worked for the Telemundo network Chicago From this television plant too she was fired for alcoholism who suffered, but some time later she sued them.

Just a year after being fired from Telemundo Chicago for having come to work taken, Edna schmidt he spent a long time working in the battle against alcohol. At the same time, the Puerto Rican engaged a lawsuit against the chain in federal court for allegedly breaking the Americans with Disabilities Act. She alleged that the channel did not give her tools to treat her drinking problem.

All this comes off after journalist Edna Schmidt appear under effects of alcohol on the screens of the Telemundo Chicago Newscast in 2013. On the demand, she explains that her bosses did not give her the option of starting any type of treatment. At that time, Chris McDonnell, the channel’s manager in Chicago, declined to comment.

Just after, Edna schmidt appeared on a show from his old home Univision where he talked about his problem with alcoholism, the struggle he has had regarding it and how he has managed to get ahead. She accepted that she lost her jobs due to drinking, but the fact that she had been hospitalized for a time together with her willpower made her get ahead. Over time, she achieved an alliance between Univision and Alcoholics Anonymous, from there she helped many people who, like her, have gone through the hard battle of alcoholism.

And before falling into the alcohol her fiancé passed away suddenly. This left her plunged into a terrible depression. There he began to drink. First there were a few glasses of white wine until reaching three bottles, according to her own account. Then love knocked on her door again, but her addiction made her second fiancé leave her too. Which obviously made his emotional situation worse.

As to this demand from Scmidt to Telemundo it was not known for sure what was left. But Edna kept working very hard and managed to overcome that disease. Just today, Maria Celeste Arrarás He spoke about her and said that he hoped she had found peace, since during the pandemic she also lost her mother.

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