Edna Schmidt and her battle with alcoholism after her dismissal from Univision and Telemundo

After the terrible death of Edna Schmidt through the network for which he worked: Univision, many have recalled on social networks the issue of alcoholism suffered by the journalist. Despite admitting that it was something very difficult for her and that it took her time to recognize it, Edna schmidt at some point he faced viewers and co-workers in a sincere and direct way regarding his drinking problem.

“I didn’t realize it for a long time. I touched two backgrounds: The first with Univision, which for me was worse than the second (with Telemundo). It was strong for me, like a divorce. I got depressed, I felt like a fraud. I had let my relatives, my colleagues, my audience, but still, I did not want to admit that I was an alcoholic because I had not yet been diagnosed, “he said Edna shhmidt for today”.

However, at some point she confessed that it all started when her fiancé died. That devastated her and she did not want to take antidepressants but took refuge in alcohol. White wine was the beginning. But he still didn’t understand what he was drinking out of necessity, because his body was asking him to. A second encounter with love came and already engaged again, that second couple left her precisely because of The addiction, he also recognized it Edna Schmidt on Univision.

But he not only lost this couple, but also his jobs. Journalist Edna Schmidt, who worked so hard for Univision as well as for Telemundo in Chicago She was fired from both networks for showing up for work under the influence of alcohol. She herself acknowledged that she thought it was not noticeable, that no one noticed: “Some time later I thought that was very silly.”

However, after doing treatments and a lot of internal work and willpower, Edna schimidt spoke directly with several of his fellow journalists, while addressing the audience of different programs of Univision being honest about this issue. With Telemundo things did not turn out very well. Years after leaving the network, the journalist sued them. He claimed that they never tried to help him with his addiction to alcohol.

She also said that realizing that there were many women like her in the rehabilitation center made her aware of society. For this reason, he began to work hand in hand with Alcoholics Anonymous and an alliance that he achieved with Univision. From there, she reached out to many people who, like her, also they suffered from alcoholism.

Today the eyes of Edna schmdit they have been closed and the causes of his death are still unknown. However, his excellent career as a journalist, the respect of his colleagues and especially of the audience will remain forever in the collective of many. Peace to your soul.

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