Editorial – Joe Biden’s Law of Silence

It seems that the American press, and that of the whole world, was exhausted after the titanic effort to oust the presidency of the United States Donald trump. It is the only reason that could explain the complicit silence with Joe Biden, who has not given a single press conference since he stepped into the White House until last March 25, too long of a lack of transparency for those who hoisted it as a flag. Perhaps it is that he has nothing to say, or can speak nonsense after stating that Putin he is a murderer, his great contribution to lowering the tension between the superpowers. If Trump had said so … ah, but Trump was Trump and he called journalists “enemies of the people”!

Although all things considered, it is not only about what Biden says, but also what he does, falling three times down the stairs while climbing Air Force One, and then in an upright position adopt a runner figure as if nothing had happened. But it does happen, and it is that he is not in the best physical and mental conditions to lead the most powerful nation on earth, although no one dares to tell the emperor that he is going naked on the international scene.

And where is he black lives matter How much fury did he display against the former president and how much did he help his Democratic rival in the final stretch? Now perhaps he is only waiting to charge for services rendered. And what about the documents, declassified by Trump that reveal the business of Hunter, son of the now president, with members of the Communist Party of China and in Ukraine, among others? But it must be in bad taste to practice investigative journalism when it comes to someone as beloved as a son of the alternative to Trump. It must be that and not any complicity so that tomorrow, and today, we do business in the shadow of Washington DC.

But it’s the vice president, Kamala harris, the one who can have the most objective interest in seeing old Joe say goodbye after opening the door of the Oval Office to her, which will happen much more to the left, and it is that if Pablo Iglesias has become second vice president of the Spanish Government, why not this woman who could be in the ranks of the Podemic?

In short, the next few months promise to be very interesting with the president’s new missteps, revealing the extent to which the international media can extend their support for Biden even though, in sight, he deserves his retirement. Perhaps the self-criticism of the media is for later.