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This June 30, Edinson Cavani ends your contract with the Paris Saint-Germain. The Uruguayan and the French club agreed not to continue the employment relationship, even the footballer will leave his participation in the UEFA champions league who was stopped by the coronavirus pandemic.

These almost three months of hiatus, when Ligue 1 was suspended, and the fact of ending the contract make El Matador already believe it is convenient to focus on the next sports project, which has not yet been decided.

Another who also joins the decision of the Charrúa is Thomas Muenier, who will also not report to the squad for the Champions League Final Stage, as we remember that in France the tournament was concluded with PSG as champion.

Rumors about Cavani’s future have ranged from his return to Napoli, Inter Milan, Galaxy in MLS, and even Boca Juniors in Argentina.

The UCL will resume next August 12 and will be played, once the Quarter Finals are over, in a ‘Final 8’ special, all the matches based in Portugal.