Edge hurt his triceps while filming the biggest wrestling match ever in Backlash. He is not done with Randy Orton yet, but he needs to heal first.

During WWE’s The Bump “Bumpy Awards”, Edge and Orton won in Backlash’s “Best Fight In The Ring For 1/2 Year” category. Edge appeared through Zoom to accept the award. He was quickly asked about his recovery progress.

Edge is recovering

Edge showed his twisted surgery scar. “So here it is,” he said before providing an update. You can almost bend your arm at this point, so the healing is taking place. You still have plenty of time to avoid this injury while continuing rehabilitation after surgery.

He said he can now “almost straighten” his arm, and that’s it. Edge did not provide any kind of schedule on when he will return to the ring. At least he was in a good mood.

A WrestleMania match is waiting for Edge when he returns. WWE already has Edge vs. Randy Orton in the plans for WrestleMania. That’s the only fight the company is currently planning, but as we exclusively reported, that would not be the case if Vince McMahon listened to Paul Heyman.

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