Edge’s return to WWE was very different compared to his first time with the company. He is currently out of action due to a torn tricep. Furthermore, his rivalry with Randy Orton has been highly appreciated and praised.

While speaking for the Busted Ope Radio program, Category R Superstar Edge revealed what he wants to do in this new etpa with WWE. Your mission and accomplish things as the Director. Create longer stories with a lot of emotional connection. He learned a lot throughout these nine years outside of WWE, how to carry a story with his performance.

Edge has complete creative freedom in WWE

The Category R Superstar continued to discuss how much freedom he currently has on the creative side. He admitted that there are limits that he cannot cross, but in general “he has carte blanche” to write his angles.

“They have given me almost carte blanche completely. There are a couple of things I tried to go against, but I realize that the lines were set, and that was not going to change. So it was good, but the promos, I’m writing them. The story arc, I did it all. ”

“Sometimes you have to make chicken salad because I injured my tricep. So what do we do here? How do we do how we work with this? It’s all a continuous job really, but they have given me a lot of freedom, and that has been a lot of fun. ”

It seems Edge and Randy Orton have not finished their rivalry yet. At this rate, Edge and Randy Orton could be in rivalry for the remainder of Edge’s three-year contract with WWE. WWE could do much more, including reuniting Rated RKO.

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