One of the most infamous backstage stories in WWE revolves around Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy. Hardy received the greatest betrayal of his life when his good friend Edge and his girlfriend Lita had an affair while Hardy was at home due to an injury.

Although Matt Hardy lashed out after learning the truth about Edge and Lita, he was able to control his anger and use it to his advantage. The two former friends turned their hatred in real life into an onscreen story.

How Edge and Matt Hardy beat their real life heat

Although Matt Hardy was at the height of his popularity when he returned to fight Edge, WWE used it to further consecrate Edge and Lita while stuck in the middle poster after the rivalry.

Speaking to Peter Rosenberg, Edge talked about his hatred backstage, and how they managed to use it to his advantage.

“We had to be professionals, and also, going back to my point of finding positives when there doesn’t seem to be any on the surface, you have to dig below the surface, this was one of those moments. And that’s when you say, OK, we are here, now what do we do ?. Well, let’s try to make some money together, and let’s try to elevate our two careers with this, and hopefully, we can not only be stronger stars, but stronger people as well, and that generally doesn’t happen within the context of a wrestling story. . So it’s a little bit more because of that. “

Edge further said that his rivalry with Hardy was one of the first stories in which the public did not know how much was real and how much was kayfabe. Edge also believes that the show helped both him and Matt Hardy establish themselves as individual fighters. He also revealed how the incident helped Lita in his career as he went from being the most acclaimed woman in the industry to the most hated one.

Without a doubt this is one of the most remembered and infamous stories at the moment. It seems that we will never be able to repeat something of that caliber today, but that shows us how pioneers and great professionals Matt, Edge and Lita were.

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