As Deadline reports, after completing his critically acclaimed Cornetto triloga for Focus Features, Edgar Wright re-partnered with the studio to direct an adaptation of the (still unpublished) novel by debutant Simon Stephenson, ‘Set My Heart to Five’.

Set in the year 2054, the story unfolds in a “too human” future and centers on Jared, an android who aims to convince humans that their kind should be given the ability to feel after years of submission to theirs. Movies from the 80s and 90s will provoke in him an emotional awakening that will take him to embark on a journey to the west coast of America, in order to meet the programmer who created it and write, in passing, the script of a movie than to change the world.

The rights to the novel were recently acquired by Focus Features, Working Title Films and Complete Fiction Films, who signed an agreement with the director of ‘Baby Driver’ to take over this project, which will include a script by Stephenson himself. The novel will be published in the United States later this year by HarperCollins.