Edén Muñoz de Caliber 50 full of tenderness with her son Emilio in social networks | Instagram

Caliber 50 member, Edén Muñoz, has achieved touch the heart of thousands of people thanks to the tenderness of your little one son, who does not cease to impress everyone with his tender videos and photos that they share on social networks.

Since his birth, Eden has smug on his social networks his beautiful son Emilio, who day by day falls in love with his thousands of followers on Instagram.

It was last December 27 when was born the son of the Caliber 50 vocalist and with just a few hours after his birth he made his public presentation.

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That first photograph was wrapped in bed sheets and with the birth certificate, that’s how he immediately stole everyone’s sighs.

Now happier than ever with his son, Eden no longer stops sharing every moment he spends with his firstborn.

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In addition to boasting the similar that they say they have with him, because his family and close friends always mention it to him.

Another of the moments that managed to take thousands of sighs It was when the singer shared a video on his official Instagram account of his first duet single with his beautiful baby.

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In the video you can see that the little boy while sitting next to his father, who begins to give life to the song with his guitar and little Emilio sings along with him.

From the beginning of the quarantine, day by day, social networks melt with love, since he constantly shares that he is taking advantage to the maximum next to Emilio.

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And as if that were not enough, the vocalist’s son has become his greatest inspiration, as beautiful songs have turned out as well as with his relationship with the mother of his son.

The first-born of the famous vocalist of Caliber 50 has become his further inspirationBecause beautiful songs have been the result of the relationship of Edén Muñoz with the mother of his son and the sweet wait for Emilio.