Eden Hazard, the latest signing of Real Madrid, has visited an iconic place for Spanish motor fans. Hazard has been to the Jarama Circuit to make contact with Nissan’s electric vehicles and has had a luxury ‘coach’: Nissan Formula E driver Oliver Rowland.

Hazard, who has been a Nissan ambassador for two years, has had the opportunity to test both the Nissan Leaf e-plus, the new version of the Leaf with greater autonomy, and the exclusive Leaf Nismo RC, a sports version study of the Leaf capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 3.4 seconds.

The 29-year-old Belgian player, who combines the positions of attacking or attacking midfielder and who of course is international with his country, has wanted to convert to ‘eco’ mobility, adopting a Nissan Leaf e +, with which he moved from a central Madrid dealer -Caetano Reicomsa- to the circuit.

Once at the Jarama, Rowland discovered some secrets of how to get the most out of driving an electric and showed him how to drive a Nismo RC on the track.

Hazard was impressed. “I knew that electrics can be fun and effective to drive on the streets and highways, but I couldn’t imagine how effective they can be on the track. What an experience! I love high performance cars and the immediate acceleration of this electric is spectacular Incredible. I really enjoyed driving it. ”

Rowland, who declared himself a football fan and therefore very honored to have hosted the player, “one of the best in the world”, praised Hazard’s driving level: “He has done very well and seeing the excitement in his face was priceless. ”

Tommasso Volpe, Nissan’s global director of automobiles, said they wanted “to give Hazard the chance to personally experience our latest electrical technology. There’s nothing like driving an electric to understand what these Nissan electrics are and what they’re capable of” .

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