“Eden Hazard is not a Real Madrid player, but a Barça player,” explained the former Belgian agent.

The actuality of Eden Hazard in the Real Madrid He is not the best, he just returned from an injury that made him relapse from another that he was dragging. He will try to close the season in the best physical shape and his ex-agent ended up in the conclusion that would have gone best for the Belgian, being a player of the FC Barcelona.

John Bico was Hazard’s manager until 2013, when he was just passing his first season at Chelsea FC. I guide him in his first steps during his successful career in the Premier League.

“It was a mistake to go to Real at that time, it was a choice from the heart but for no clear reason. Should have left a year earlier. Reaching after him is like climbing the Himalayas with your bare hands. I would have discouraged him by telling him to go to Madrid the year before ”, declared Bico in La Dernière Heure.

His first opinion is based on how difficult it was to get to Madrid to occupy the place that Cristiano Ronaldo left. And more using the number that the Portuguese left free, an almost unattainable challenge.

He was consumed by the physical demands of Madrid

Then he put in the balance another very important aspect for the debate: the physical demand that being in Madrid supposes.

“People do not realize and forget the dimension of this team that has a game with a lot of physical demand in terms of pace and intensity. Talents like James have failed to adapt. At this point, Eden is not a Real Madrid player, but Barça, it is to Barça where he should have gone, where the ball runs faster than the players, ”he explained to the Belgian newspaper.

“The physical demand in Madrid is very different, this is a project that does not correspond to his physique. He should have stayed one more season at Chelsea to prepare, “he added.

And he closed with an explanation of why it would have been convenient for him to sign for the Catalan team, instead of going to Madrid. “At Barça he would have had more freedom on the field, he would have had the ball constantly at his feet, there he would have become the best player in the world,” he closed.