Throughout these almost six months of confinement, music has been an excellent antidote to forget about everything that is happening around the world. Fortunately, many artists and bands are taking advantage of all this time to compose songs, record and release them, but others prefer to dust from the trunk of memories songs that they had not shared with everyone, And that’s just the case with the great Eddie Vedder.

As you will remember, The musician released in mid-March the long-awaited eleventh studio album by the Seattle band, Gigaton. However, and thanks to the coronavirus, they had to suspend their plans to present this album live, with a tour of much of the world. But while the concerts return as we knew them, they still have many surprises to give us all.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder performing with Pearl Jam in 2017 Photo: .


Eddie Vedder shares an instrumental song with us

As Pearl Jam remains active in these crucial months for the United States almost two months before the November elections, encouraging the vote through various campaigns, Eddie Vedder took the time to share a very special song. It turns out that this September 14th through a compilation called Records’ Singles Club from the label Sub Pop, the singer released “Cartography”, a completely instrumental song.

According to Consquence of Sound, Eddie composed this song in 2018 for the documentary Return To Mount Kennedy, and until now, watching that movie was the only way to listen to it. The song is completely out of the mold to what the musician has us used to, Put aside the distorted riffs to play some spectacular chords on the acoustic guitar while a piano accompanies you.

Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called

Eddie Vedder performing at the 2019 Ohana festival / Photo: .

The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. inspired this song

According to the same source, through a statement shared by Eddie Vedder himself, He mentioned that he was inspired by the speech that Bobby Kennedy gave after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago to compose this song, which for him continues to be in force and is important for the times that the United States is living, in the middle of elections and with protests against racial violence.

“(With the speech) it is recalled once again that we are at a time when our society can and must improve. Voting is our most powerful form of non-violent protest. And those we vote for must be deeply aware that issues of equality and justice in America are of the utmost importance and need not only to be restored but taken to the next level, ”said Vedder.

Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called

Eddie Vedder performing at an event in Cannes in 2017 / Photo: .

Nick Zinner threw a remix for this song

As if this wasn’t enough to get us excited about this news, on side B of “Cartography” we can find a remix that Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did for the song. This is a slightly more environmental version compared to the original, where the piano plays a much more important role and that in the second half includes the audio of Bobby Kennedy’s speech from which Eddie was inspired.

But we better not tell them more, stop what you’re doing and make your day musical by listening to this instrumental song by Eddie Vedder together to the remix that Nick Zinner put together for this song:

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