Eddie Vedder Debuts Two Wonderful Solo Songs

Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic stopped the plans of a lot of musicians, since the vast majority had in mind to play and give concerts around the world. However, we cannot complain much, as some are putting the batteries to compose and show us songs fresh from the oven, And that’s just the case with good old Eddie Vedder, who despite everything is still in the studio writing songs that make our skin turn.

This 2020, Pearl Jam had a tour put together to promote their latest studio album, Gigaton. But for obvious reasons, they had to postpone everything for when the situation with COVID-19 is under control, that is why while things return to normal, the frontman of the band is focusing on other projects, like a few months ago, when he surprised us by releasing a solo song that he had in the trunk of memories.

Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called "Cartography"Eddie Vedder releases a solo song called

Eddie Vedder playing solo in 2019 / Photo: .


Eddie Vedder releases more solo songs

It turns out that a few days ago, Eddie Vedder participated in a benefit concert for the foundation EB Research Partnership, of which he is director with his wife Jill. In addition to performing songs by the Seattle band, the singer also took the time to premiere a couple of songs that only those who connected to the virtual event could enjoy them, but now he decided to publish them for all of us to hear.

The first one is called “Matter of Time” and it is a highly emotional subject. It is a ballad where a melancholic piano where Vedder’s voice shines completely, powerful as always, where she sings about never giving up even if we have to face illness. This song was accompanied by an animated music video, directed by Matt Finlin and Karen Barzilay, which fully illustrates the idea of ​​the letter.

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On the other hand, Eddie Vedder also released “Say Hi”, a song that has a very special meaning for him. According to Consequence of Sound, the Pearl Jam vocalist wrote it especially for Eli meyer, a six-year-old boy who, after learning about his case and suffering from epidermolysis bullosa joint – a skin condition – inspired the Vedders to launch their charitable organization in hopes of finding a cure for the disease.

For this song Vedder was only accompanied by his guitar, where he talks about an initiative called #ComeSayHi, that Eli’s family organized so that people greet the little one and learn from his condition. In addition, the musician shared a video with all of us, where we can see him playing this song live and in full color. You can hear Eddie performing it below:

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