Eddie Alvarez is disqualified for illegal hitting at ONE

Eddie Alvarez’s long-awaited return to ONE’s cage came to a bitter end.

After 20 months of inactivity, Alvarez returned to ONE’s cage to face Iuri Lapicus. It was speculated that the winner of the fight could receive a chance to contest the title. Eddie came out hungry for triumph looking to finish quickly with his opponent. Unfortunately for his cause, he ended up being disqualified in just under a minute.

Alvarez landed a takedown and began hitting Lapicus against the mesh. Iuri sought to protect his head with his glove, but also by turning it to prevent Eddie from having an easy target. The former UFC kept hitting and his fists seemed to connect the back of Lapicus’s neck. Moments later, Iuri fell and when Eddie threw himself on him to try to finish him, the referee intervened.

After being reprimanded by the referee, Eddie claimed that the blows had been legal. Lapicus could not continue in the contest and the referee showed Alvarez the red card which means disqualification.

At the end of the actions, Alvarez explained his version of what happened.

“Iuri was turning his head to the other side and the referee warned me about hitting the back of the neck. You can see that after that, I use my head to push yours into my punch. They’ll see it on replay. Also, I feel that as long as I am hitting some part of the ear, the hit is legal. “

Regardless of the frustration with the result, Eddie accepted the decision and said he was concerned about the health of his opponent.

“The referee is there. Any decision he makes is the right one. I apologize. I hope Iuri is totally fine because this game is very dangerous. The only thing that matters to me is that everyone here is okay and can go home to their family when this is over. I am praying for Iuri right now. “