It was a work of transcendence with an impact similar to the degree of need with which it was requested. He did not win Grand Slam titles, but the influence of Stefan Edberg in the game of Roger Federer He deserves much more space than some of his most successful years. Roger was touched, almost sunken, emotionally and physically injured. And the arrival of the Swede marked the beginning of a stage as productive as enormously playful in the game of the Swiss.

Stefan Edberg told Mats Wilander, in ‘Eurosport’, what meant for him to co-lead the project that should take Roger to the lost place in 2013, a fateful year for the one in Basel, full of misfortunes and doubts, that he did not It only brought with it an immediate impact like the one that Annacone would achieve, but a reformulation in its forms that conquered its followers.

“Obviously, it was an honor to be Coach Roger,” admits Stefan, one of Federer’s childhood idols. “It took me a while to decide. In fact, we spent a week in Dubai just to get to know each other before going to the circuit, but to summarize: it was great to be close to Roger, he is a great tennis ambassador, and obviously, yes, we talked about tennis. , and a lot of strategy. “

Federer, who by his nature already had a way of understanding tennis with which he could try everything that came to his mind, found in Edberg the perfect excuse, the idyllic traveling companion, to give free rein to a way of playing that, especially in 2015, reached levels of aggressiveness and mobility never seen in Roger’s career.

“He wanted to change his game and that was perhaps the reason why he took me looking for some ideas. He knows a lot about tennis, so there are many things you can teach him because he knows almost everything on the court. But it was good to have someone more than I’ve been in the same position, trying to change the game. “

The Swede highlighted the change of racket as one of the most momentous choices of that stage. “Once you mature, you may need to change your game, and we work a lot on that. I think the best thing, looking back, was that he changed the racket for a more modern one, that was really key. He changed his game a little. His movement became a little more aggressive, which I think he needed to do. So it worked very well, it was good to be around him. “