Music has this gift of making us forget everything we are going through to give us a moment of happiness or even of introspection, something that perhaps we need now that we are living a complex situation with the pandemic of the latent coronavirus around the world. Some musicians have released or previewed the release of their singles to make the quarantine more enjoyable, and now it’s up to the good Ed O’Brien.

After declaring to the world a few days ago that he believed he had coronavirus and giving all the fans a scare, the Radiohead guitarist has released one more single from Earth, the first solo album in his entire career. After showing us very interesting songs like “Shangri-La” or “Brasil”, with which he experimented with influences and rhythms, comes this new track called “Olympik”, which sounds completely like the other songs that had premiered in recent months.

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In the first songs we could hear a little bit of everything, from somewhat rocky tracks to electronic ballads, but in “Olympik” things change completelybecause we have Ed O’Brien doing an eight and a half minute song that perfectly mixes his work with the legendary band he belongs to, but with all the influences he adapted throughout the recording process and composition of this album. As if everything could combine to make something totally new and refreshing.

It is an almost ambient song that is based on a guitar, a few synthesizers along with some very subtle choruses and percussions where we can hardly hear the guitarist’s voice., as the musical instruments and elements advance, they take more prominence with a huge sound that explodes almost in the last few minutes. And maybe we owe that to the participation in this and other Ed O’Brien songs by musicians like David Okumu, Omar Hakim and Nathan East, as well as the production of Catherine Marks Y Flood. A real gem to listen to in the comfort of your home.

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As if this were not enough, Ed O’Brien also accompanied the premiere of this song with a highly impressive visual, which shows us the stressful tour of a city through three shots at once interspersed with each other not to miss a single moment or detail of each of the visions. As it progresses we can see buildings, a highway trip, elevators, the subway and other elements that with the particular way of the guitarist They remind us somewhat of the life we ​​had before these days of isolation.

Remember that you will be able to listen to the nine songs that make up Earth, Ed O’Brien’s first record material this April 17 through all digital platforms and physical format. But while the day comes Check out below the visual that the English musician released for his latest single, “Olympik”: