Ecuador plans to vaccinate 30,000 people daily for COVID

QUITO (AP) – The government of Ecuador polishes a plan to provide the coronavirus vaccine to some 30,000 people a day throughout the country, Deputy Minister of Health Xavier Solórzano reported Tuesday.

Speaking to the Teleamazonas television network, he said that the immunization would be carried out in at least 9,000 state medical centers distributed throughout the country, for which the authorities are managing the purchase of 18 million doses from several pharmaceutical houses with which plans to vaccinate 60% of the population. For each person, two doses are required.

“That could increase significantly if we incorporate the private sector, double or triple,” he said. He added that “without a doubt a strengthening of the cold chain is required, because this is an additional vaccine to the ones we already have and not we are going to stop vaccinating children under five years of age and against influenza ”.

He did not elaborate on the need for sufficient cold storage centers to hold such products, which could be available to this country after the first quarter of next year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic at the end of February, Ecuador has registered a total of 181,104 infected and 13,025 deaths, although the harsh memory of the city of Guayaquil has remained, which between March and April recorded gruesome scenes with hundreds of deaths in the streets and houses because the authorities and funeral services could not cope to collect them.