Ecuador. Man buys drawing for 20 pesos; discover that it is a treasure

Can you imagine buying an object for just one dollar, that is, 20 pesos, and discovering that it costs more than what you bought it? This happened to a man from Ecuador who discovered that the drawing he bought for one dollar – 20 Mexican pesos – in a market is actually worth a staggering $ 14,000, that is, more than 282,000 Mexican pesos. As you read it: it cost him 20 pesos, but it is worth almost 300 thousand pesos. We tell you its story.

Santiago Taute, 39, who currently lives in England, in 2001 bought an A3-size painting in a market in his native Ecuador. The drawing was kept for a long time in a safe with his family in Spain; However, when he moved to the country where he lives today and married a British woman, he asked that all his things be sent to him.

So it was, the belongings arrived at his house. Among these was that painting that had cost a dollar. When he showed it to his current wife, he was surprised. The woman thought that this drawing resembled the paintings of the British artist Lee Hadwin – better known as a dream artist – whom she had met a few years ago at an exhibition.

Upon inquiry, they discovered that the work was indeed called « Bólido ». Its value was not one dollar but 14 thousand dollars. He had a treasure in his hands without knowing it. The artist painted this work during a season that he lived in Australia in 2001.

“I was taking things out of the boxes and I found the painting, so I went to show it to my wife. She recognized the signature, checked the artist’s website, and has now confirmed that the drawing I bought for a dollar is one of hers and is worth thousands. We are very happy and shocked to discover this, ”he revealed to international media.

“I thought it looked pretty and colorful when Santiago first showed it to me, and then when I looked at it again while we were trying to figure out where to put it, I realized that it actually looked familiar. I saw the signature and thought I recognized it as that of an artist I met who draws during sleep. I went to their website and the signature was exactly the same, « the Ecuadorian’s wife told The Mirror.

The couple contacted the artist, who confirmed it was his work. The creations of this artist -Lee Hadw- have been bought by international figures such as former US President Donald Trump.

Currently the painting of this work is in the couple’s house. The work is framed. They will keep it for a while, as its value can grow over the years.