Ecuador goalkeeper expelled for urinating during a match

04/18/2021 at 7:21 AM CEST


Liga de Quito added to Guayaquil City the sixth draw (2-2) in nine disputed dates of the first phase of the Ecuadorian soccer tournament, in which this Saturday Argentine goalkeeper Jorge Joaquín Pucheta, from Macará de Ambato, was expelled for urinate in the middle of the game.

Pucheta could not stand the urge to urinate, did it behind a billboard and got kicked out by referee Roberto Sánchez with two minutes remaining to conclude the match, which his team won 1-0 over Orense.

Defender Segundo Portocarrero, author of the winning goal for Macará (m.68), which helped his team accumulate 15 points, replaced Pucheta and even avoided two chances for Orense to score.

Orense, who accumulated the sixth consecutive defeat, remaining last in the standings, with 5 points, also suffered the expulsion of defender Edison Carcelén (m.90) and his attacker Daniel Angulo missed a penalty shot (m.55) sending the ball over the crossbar.