Ecuador crushes Colombia in the Conmebol Qualifiers, .

With goals for all tastes, Ecuador swept Colombia 6-1 on Tuesday and rose to the top of the standings at the end of the fourth date of the World Cup qualifiers in South America.

In an overwhelming display of precision and speed, the team led by Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro imposed its will in Quito by linking its third consecutive victory to reach nine points.

The Ecuadorian Tri went into halftime with a 4-1 lead after goals from Robert Arboleda, Ángel Mena, Michael Estrada, and Xavier Arreaga. Gonzalo Plata and Pervis Estupiñán increased in the second half. James Rodríguez scored the goal for Colombia by executing a penalty in the first half discounts.

Colombia, a participant in the last two World Cups, once again disappointed with a double date to be forgotten and has stalled with four points.

Those led by Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz had just succumbed 3-0 at home to Uruguay and now suffered a much more humiliating defeat.

Ecuador’s first goal came early, at six minutes, when Arboleda, who plays for Brazil’s Sao Paulo, caught a ball inside the area after a defensive error by the Colombians. Three minutes later, the second goal was scored by Mena, from the Mexican Lion, with a low shot and corner after receiving a rebound.

At 31 minutes, Estrada, from the Mexican Toluca, signed the third after a precise pass from the left by Mena. The fourth goal fell in the 38th minute through Arreaga, who capitalized on a ball that Arboleda had dropped on his head.

The fifth goal was converted at 75 on Silver’s account after taking off the mark of two defenders. The rosary of goals was closed by Arboleda at 90 when he pushed the ball that the goalkeeper Camilo Vargas could not control.

James discounted by converting the penalty that was called after a foul on Duván Zapata.

Ecuador’s game was centered with high pressure against a Colombia that looked puzzled, except for a section when averaging the first half in which they had a couple of risk loads at the goal of the premises.

The Ecuadorian companies, mainly at the front, worked perfectly, with Mena rotating through both bands and with the complicity of Arrega and Arboleda.

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