Economy, with signs of improvement: Akabani

MEXICO CITY. There are vital signs of economic recovery in the Mexico City, said Fadlala Akabani, Secretary of Economic Development of Mexico City in an interview for Excelsior.

The month of May was a month where half of the formal jobs created throughout the country were here in Mexico City, we are talking about more than 20,000 jobs of the 40,000 that were created throughout the country, “he said.

He also said that from January to May the agency under his charge has a record of the creation of 6,500 new businesses that would have generated up to 60,000 formal and non-formal jobs. As for business, Akabani assured that SEDECO only has news of the closure of four thousand businesses in almost 16 months of the pandemic.

We continue to receive foreign direct investment, especially as of February when it was decided to go to the orange traffic light, this was already reflected in different analysis studies where Mexico City continues to be the main recipient of foreign direct investment throughout the world. country and we continue to be Mexico City, the main recipient of foreign direct investment in Latin America ”.

This last piece of information that the secretary commented was for which the Mexican capital was recognized by the Financial Times of the United States as the first Latin American City of the Future 2021/22.

We have all the elements to form an important economic reactivation scheme that takes us to pre-pandemic levels, we are very close to the economic exchange of the city, imports, exports, retail sales, wholesale sales, foreign direct investment to reach the levels we had before the pandemic ”.

Among the support that the government has given for the recovery, he referred to the announcement of the Impulso NAFIN Mexico City program that allocated 2,47 million pesos to support small and medium-sized companies.

It is a guarantee fund, the city government is the guarantor of the companies in case they fail to comply with the payment, that is, up to two and a half million if a company fails to cover its debt, the city government la pay, this is not an invitation not to do it, because they do serious studies of the economic capacity of companies ”.

Regarding the memes or images that divided Mexico City into the poor and middle class, after the June 6 elections, he said that simplistic views should not be heeded.

We cannot fall into a situation of black and white, of good and bad, of poor and rich, that is not going to get us anywhere, that is pure Manichaeism, that is what those who intend to divide Mexicans are doing, and yes I am going to say something, we will make the indications before this type of insinuations ”.

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