Specialists highlight the need to shore up the middle class, create innovative rescue programs and think about how specific sectors will be supported.

In the first quarterly report of his second year in office and in the midst of the health crisis, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his conception that the first thing is the people; However, in his message, he did not address the private sphere of the economy, which stopped overnight, said economist León Bendesky.

“There are millions of Mexicans who, if they did not lose their jobs in April, will lose it in May, because those conditions are not going to end this month. All that private sphere of the economy that is also part of Mexico, the president does not consider it, “said the specialist during the Aristegui Live Analysis Table.

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“This epidemiological crisis is hitting the economy in a brutal way and leaving millions and millions of people unemployed, I don’t see why in Mexico it will be different,” he said.

Bendesky indicated that the federal president’s program presented this Sunday from the National Palace is fully justified in social terms, but stressed that public investment and distribution and social assistance, so necessary in Mexico, are not going to pull the country into a situation in terms economic.

“Two things must be differentiated, this is an eminently statist proposal, where the private sector that occupies a very important part of the production generation in Mexico was totally marginalized,” he said.

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“Most of the production and employment are not generated by the State, they are generated by the private sector. We must avoid confusing a totally statist proposal with the needs that this country has today to overcome the crisis, to evaluate social assistance programs, to invest and generate not only in the public sector and to reproduce the conditions in which families can have income, permanent employment, contribute to social security and pay taxes, because what the president will have today is that the collection of taxes is going to rush downwards, “he added.

The economist and columnist of La Jornada expressed that a second stage of this economic recovery plan is essential, since in the short term taxes will collapse and the Mexican Social Security Institute will not have resources, because most of employers will not be able to pay contributions.

“All these things have to be attacked from the beginning … The small companies that die in April are never going to revive, because many live daily, they do not have accumulated. The social fabric of the middle class is going to be very hurt after this crisis for health and economic reasons, ”he said.

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In this regard, Tatiana Clouthier, Morena federal deputy, said that she did see a second stage in which the president will make an approach to serve SMEs.

“I know of people who work in the federal government who are seeking to cover this that was not discussed today, because right now the most forgotten part is clearly left and the part that is easier to address directly as the president’s approach is being ”, Exposed.

Clouthier affirmed that when López Obrador spoke about “not turning to the past” and that this will be part of the magic that will have to be used to address what is not being addressed now, or the niches that he did not mention, he is making it clear how it will not be. , but considered that it is important to know how it will be stated.

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“Yes, there is a second stage for very clear reasons, first of all because the strongest crisis is not at the peak of the disease and that is the niche that we have to enter; And that’s why we said, as legislators, we have to enter a meeting after the message, “he said.

“We will have to be very punctual: without a strong and sustained middle class, which are the ones that make the countries grow, the ones that make progress, we will not be able and cannot detonate enough resources to continue supporting the programs of the poorest”, he added. . “The middle class is the one they take away and put on, and when I say they take it away, it’s the one that falls apart in that stretching or tightening the belt,” he added.

Meanwhile, Enrique Dussel, economist and research professor at UNAM, acknowledged that the federal president stated that he is not a todologist, that he left the field of medicine to scientists and doctors, and that his strategy in terms of health and socioeconomics had as a motto “poor first”.

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“He talks about 22 million beneficiaries, 2.1 million loans, especially to micro and small entrepreneurs, and ends at the end talking about an economic recovery program where he points out that the pillars are public investment, job creation and honesty, and the search to decrease corruption ”, he indicated.

However, he emphasized that this crisis is not like those seen in the past and, therefore, he believed that the discussion should not focus on whether the country should borrow or not, but rather ask which sectors it should address and think about how will rescue specific sectors.

“All countries, including Mexico, hopefully and will be recognized quickly, are going to have to get into debt, the public sector is going to have to get into debt,” he said. “That is why you have to think of innovative support rescue programs and even bigger companies without falling for corruption. Not everything is either Fobaproa or nothing ”.

“It seems to me that the proposal is correct, but it requires greater clarity, structure, and temporal vision in the short, medium and long term,” he concluded.