Economic losses in Hidalgo due to pandemic are incalculable: IP

No vaccination date in Hidalgo, with mobility restrictions and for economic acceleration, as well as the obstacles for the Private Initiative (IP), which is made up of 90 percent micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), They have run into each other to access Nafin credits, they foresee that this 2021 will be more complicated than last year, when the pandemic emerged.

Faced with this scenario, Carlos Henkel Escorza, president of the Hidalgo Business Coordinating Council (CCEH), indicated that, Although there is more movement after the announcement of the economic reactivation program in the state, this has not done much to make the recovery tangible of companies and employment in the entity.

« The reactivation is underway, with slow steps because the health crisis has definitely caught up with us in an economic crisis that is affecting many people and it is not what we expected either, speaking of the occupancy percentage and sales, but at least there is a light on the road.

« The position of the government of the state of Hidalgo, as well as of the federal authorities, to go to the orange traffic light gives us a break and will surely give us new provisions a little more flexible, but if we talk about the economic losses of companies, no We have them, but if I can say that obviously the fall has been dramatic and many businesses have closed and restaurants have also closed, there is a large cut in resources for all sectors, and it will be a more difficult year than last ”, predicted the business leader.

Convalescence is more complicated: CEEH

Faced with this scenario, Armando Leñero, president of the Center for Formal Employment Studies (CEEH), predicted the same immediate future for the country, and assured that this 2021 is like the convalescence of 2020, a situation that will be reflected in the purchasing power of people and in the scarcity of formal jobs.

“It’s going to be more complicated in 2021, because it is like when you get sick that convalescence is more complicated, stronger, more tired, because it lasts longer, so something like this will happen.

“The strong blow has already passed, although we are still in the pandemic, and we are going to have a convalescence from a disease that occurred before the pandemic, even with a decrease in 2019 with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a little generation of formal employment, half of what would have been desirable around 700 thousand formal jobs, and we only obtained 242 thousand, nationwide, which was aggravated by the pandemic, « he said.

In this context, he reported that poverty has already increased in Mexico with 50 million people who entered this situation, “So it will be difficult for people to regain the income they had to be able to demand products and services, as well as jobs, it will take time; We estimate that employment will recover by 2025 ”, he said.

Adapt or die: Coparmex

For the president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Hidalgo, Alberto Dueñas Paredes, the road to economic recovery will be adaptation, “Just like people, companies must also adapt to changes and many companies converted their income, such as online sales that increased and began to work from home offices, and with that it has been possible to maintain and stabilize the economy.

« That is why I consider that, in the state of Hidalgo, we have much less impact than in other states, on the part of the state government we have had support and sensitivity, as well as willingness to approach to present our positions, and it is as in all crises, but businessmen are made to continue skipping crises, « he said.

He stated that, So far, the economic losses of the business sector have not been quantified but it will be in the coming months when they will know about the impact on the sector from 2020 until the beginning of 2021, time in which the pandemic has been latent in the entity.