Ikea continues to go green! Indeed, the furniture brand is embarking on upcycling and opening a store in favor of ecology.

Ikea seems to want to put forward its fiber in terms of ecology! Yes, the Swedish brand is then preparing to open a second hand store! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z. If the big brands promote ecology, Ikea also wants to go green. Thus, the firm will open a very first store reselling second-hand products. A way to promote second-hand products a little more and which is part of an upcycling process. Basically, this concept consists of using old objects to make decorative elements. A first store will therefore open in Sweden, but it will not be the only one in the long term. Indeed, Ikea wants to switch to the circular economy by 2030. Never mind … Everything will take place in Eskilstuna, a town in Sweden. In a shopping center dedicated to recycled products. The whole first in the world!

Like what the brand does not do things by halves, far from it … It is in any case a real turnaround in favor of ecology for the furniture firm.

Ecology: Ikea opens a second hand store!

Ecology: Ikea opens a second hand store!

Ikea is testing a store that is part of an upcycling process

Ultimately, Ikea wants to reduce its 70% carbon footprint per piece of furniture by 2030. High ambitions aimed at minimizing waste. If we tend to change furniture and shirts, Ikea wants to change our Consumption habits. Always in an ecological approach. Concretely, the shop will receive therefore only second-hand furniture, as well as damaged furniture. You know, that kind of furniture that ends up dented in your truck or during assembly.

Retyped, reassembled and repaired, they will then be put on shelves. It is therefore these unsold items that will serve as new furniture for customers coming to this new Ikea! To see this kind of store open in France, you will of course need arm yourself with patience …