Echenique does not condemn the violence by Hasél after 3 three questions on TVE News Spain

Pablo Echenique, spokesperson for Podemos in Congress, has avoided explicitly condemning the violent protests that have been organized for several days in support of Pablo Hasél, the rapper convicted of repeated glorification of terrorism. Up to three times he has eluded condemning this violence during an interview with the TVE program Las things clear.

«Not just me, everyone. It is a false debate ”, the leader of the purple party has limited himself to answering the question of whether he condemned the riots that are causing attacks on police officers, destruction of urban furniture and looting in shops.

Jesus Cintora, presenter of the program, has insisted on this question to Echenique up to three times, but the spokesperson for Pablo Iglesias’ formation has rambled in his response to avoid an explicit condemnation.

The moment has passed as follows:

Jesus Cintora: « I ask you a question that is very direct and very concise, you can have a simple answer: do you condemn the violence we are seeing these days? »

Pablo Echenique: Everyone, not just me. It is a false debate that the President of the Government is required to come out and say that it is wrong for him to burn containers, it seems ridiculous to me. What happens, the president is suspected of being in favor again? It is absurd, it is a ridiculous debate.

Belt: « You will be with me, Mr. Echenique, that someone might think precisely because they are not clear in saying‘ I condemn violence ’. Time is being wasted on that. My question was very simple: do you condemn the violence we have seen in recent days?

Echenique: ‘Everyone, of course. I, the man who has come out before representing the merchants, the President of the Government … surely 99% of the Spanish people, it is a false debate.

Belt: « I believe, Mr. Echenique, that not everyone condemns violence. »

Echenique: «There is a minority. There will surely be a small minority that is in favor of burning containers. But honestly, I think that if the CIS asks if people are in favor of burning containers, then surely 99% of Spanish public opinion would answer no. There is no debate there, it is a false debate. All political parties, perhaps except Vox, who takes photos in front of vandalized statues, but all the other political parties do not like this type of action, it is evident.

« I do not write hot »

Last week, Pablo Echenique came to publicly support the perpetrators of the riots in Madrid in Catalonia to protest against the imprisonment of the convicted Pablo Hasél. «All my support for the young anti-fascists who are demanding justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today at the Puerta del Sol », he assured in a message posted on his Twitter profile.

Echenique not only has not rectified this support, but has reaffirmed himself by ensuring that he does not write « hot » on Twitter but thinks « a lot » about what is posted in each comment. « I put this message because protesters were being criminalized, most of them peaceful, and I felt that it was necessary for some public official to defend those demands, » he has defended TVE on his network.

About the complaint against him

The Spanish Confederation of Police has registered a letter in the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office in which it accuses Pablo Echenique of a crime of incitement to violence for the tweet supporting the protesters at a time when the violence was already more than evident in the streets of Madrid and Barcelona.

Regarding this complaint, the leader Podemita has limited himself to stating the following: « At Unidas Podemos we are very used to false complaints against us. »

No leader of Podemos has wanted to condemn the statements of Pablo Echenique. Pablo Iglesias, second vice president and leader of the purple formation, has not publicly condemned the riots in support of Pablo Hasél. Over the weekend he tweeted an article, signed by the writer and journalist Daniel Serrano – « The barricade as a television object of desire » – in which he criticizes the « exaggeration » of the media when reporting the altercations.