EBay plans to accept payments with cryptocurrencies and the sale of NFTs through its platform

For a long time eBay It has been a very useful platform for all those fans of collecting, but those responsible want to give it a new twist to adapt it to the new times and join two clear trends for the future.

The first, payment with cryptocurrencies something almost logical considering that PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, has been working with this support for months. The second, the sale of NFTs, an option that also seems logical for those who already collected physical objects through eBay.

From collecting physical products to digital assets

EBay officials confirmed those intentions in a statement to Reuters. There they spoke that they were always observing the most relevant forms of payment and although “we have no immediate plans cryptocurrencies are something we’re paying attention to“.

Jamie Iannone, CEO of eBay, also confirmed that position in an interview with CNBC. These movements may be due to the growing threat posed by other platforms like Shopify, which had excellent fiscal results while eBay’s disappointing and underperforming the market.

In addition to supporting cryptocurrency payments, Iannone explained how the company also is exploring “various ways” to enter the NTF market. These digital assets are a unique strand of collectible physical items, and they seem like a natural type of asset for eBay’s operations.

Its CEO actually explained that they want to enable this sale of NFTs “Simply put. Everything you collect has been on eBay for decades, and will continue to be for decades to come.”

Via | Reuters