eBay Bans the Sale of Nudity Items, Including Comics and Anime, Starting June 15 | Technology

If you plan to sell on eBay comics, anime, manga, music CDs or DVDs that contain nudity, or underwear that is transparent and reflects it in the boxes, do so before June 15, because the norms associated with nudity go to change.

The platform eBay Declare war to adult content. It goes much further, then also will prohibit the sale of any product that shows nudity, from underwear to perfumes or music records.

As of June 15, Adults Only section disappears from eBay. Your products will stop being sold, or will have to adapt to the new rules.

According to The Verge account, sellers of adult products this week received a statement from eBay announcing the closure of the section, and the products that from next month will not be able to be sold in their online store.

To buy on the Internet safely, it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines. Heed these tips for buying on eBay, finding the best deals, and avoiding scams and nasty surprises.

According to the updated rules that appear on the eBay website, prohibits the sale of products that show nudity on the cover or package, from books to comics, movies, etc. This includes transparent underwear, if the male and female sexual organs are shown in the photo on the box, or the breasts or nipples, in the case of women.

Products such as sex toys or the underwear itself can avoid this veto, using packages where they do not show nudity.

Also the sale of sexually explicit content is prohibited, including pornographic movies, Playboy magazines, comics, anime, manga and other products with sexual content, even if it is not shown on the cover.

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There are some exceptions, with erotic content that can be considered art, but it must be labeled Nude, and sold only in very specific sections.

eBay is on tricky ground, because many mainstream movies show strong explicit sexual content, but they will not be banned. So why other content does?

In the same way, Is it eroticism to show transparent underwear where the nipple is transparent, or is it a visual description of the product?

In a statement sent to The Verge, eBay explains that it will activate these new rules because “eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and trustworthy marketplace. As of June 15, 2021, items that display sexual content or sexually suggestive poses will no longer be allowed on The “Everything Else> Adults Only” category will no longer be available. New listings will not be allowed in the “Adults Only” category and listings valid until canceled will end on their date renewal “.

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