eBay already allows the sale of NFT and goes by collectors

eBay already allows the sale of NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), unforgeable digital objects that are based on the blockchain technology.

The NFT market is growing rapidly in line with the world of cryptocurrencies, currencies with which these types of digital objects are usually paid.

eBay already allows the sale of NFT

Finally, eBay opened its electronic market for the sale and purchase of NFT, although the news was confirmed by the platform’s senior vice president, Jordan sweetnam, these digital objects are not yet available.

eBay detailed in a published post that in the short term it will include NFT is its inventory with trusted sellers that meet its standards.

NFTs are digital objects that can be tweets, memes, gifs, or digital artwork that have a certificate of authenticity blockchain-based digital, making them unforgeable.

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“In the coming months, eBay will add new capabilities that bring blockchain-powered collectibles to our platform. I’m looking forward to bringing in new creators to share their passions in ways we can’t imagine yet. ”Said Sweetnam.

The senior vice president added that the adjustment seeks for eBay to continue to be one of the more attractive e-marketplaces for collectors.

Why are they unforgeable?

The news that eBay already allows the sale of NFT raises the question about the authenticity of digital objects that can be offered there.

To find an answer, we must understand that NFTs cannot be faked because its certificate of originality is based on blockchains known as blockchain.

According to Martín Moscosa Martínez, professor at Tec de Monterrey, we must understand that blockchain is: “an open set of digital records, decentralized, distributed and public, transactions are recorded between people on various computers… it is a system of transactional interactions that do not require an auditor, because every transaction is transparent evidence for all the actors of the network ”.

A market for collectors

The rush for NFTs has already made headlines, such as the digital artwork of Beeple which sold for $ 69 million, one of the most expensive works ever sold by a living artist.

But tweets are also offered, such as that of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, who put his first post up for sale in March.

Every day we see new NFTs, since the last photoshoot of Kurt Cobain to historical moments of the Golden State Warriors.

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In the world there are people willing to pay millions for a publication, a video or a work of digital art. This is the market for which eBay decided to open up for the sale of NFT.

The digital platform has been the world’s destination for collectibles for over 25 years, and now promises to connect millions of buyers with sellers who have a deep understanding of the things that matter most to them.

“Our platform has helped collectors turn their hobbies into their livelihoods, and along the way, collectibles became an alternative asset class, combining passion with investment.”

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