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Doug TenNapel, co-creator of Earthworm Jim, made several racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic comments in various chapters of a podcast in which he is the host. This caught the attention of several people and the media, who accuse him of racism and homophobia, but has not provoked any response from Interplay, the franchise’s distributor.

As GamesIndustry.biz reports, in episodes 54, 55 and 56 of Audio Mullet, podcast that TenNapel has with another comic creator, the creator behind Earthworm Jim spoke about Black Lives Matter and the protests that he has starred in recent months . In doing so, he made comments that have been branded as racist.

In episode 54, TenNapel noted that black communities in the United States are « victims of their own ignorance » and suggested that their problems are not caused by institutionalized racism. In the next chapter, he accused Black Lives Matter members of using George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer as a pretext for riot.

« Why are they rioting now? They gave them a cultural pretext to unleash their fantasy revenge. They were practically praying that a policeman put a black man’s knee to the neck so that he died, ”he said.

It should be mentioned that several African American citizens have died in police incidents since before George Floyd passed away. Just a couple of weeks before this unfortunate event, the case of Breonna Taylor occurred, a paramedic who was shot eight times by the police in her apartment as part of a drug search raid. It is noteworthy that they found no narcotics in Taylor’s home.

In one of the chapters, the podcast co-host told TenNapel that there are well-meaning people in the Black Lives Matter movement. Given this, Earthworm co-creator Jim compared them to Adolf Hitler, assuring that he also had good intentions, « he said.

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« Hitler had good intentions, so I don’t want to hear about intentions. He was simply exterminating rats (…) That liberal Christian was putting Jews on trains in France. That’s what I mean. He was doing it with the best of intentions.

Furthermore, in Chapter 55 of the podcast, TenNapel responded to a letter criticizing his use of a homophobic insult. In doing so, the creative defended his use of the word, as well as other misogynistic and racist insults he has used. His argument is that it is no different than using any other kind of rudeness.

As the cherry on the cake of controversy we have that TenNapel assured in several chapters that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is « false » and « a fraud ». This he said in episodes 55 and 56 of his podcast.

TenNapel has not yet commented on the controversy. Also, Interplay, a company that is working on the new Earthworm Jim together with TenNapel, has been silent about this situation.

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