Currently, protocols are being carried out to rule out damage or victims in the Far East region, in the Kuril Islands.

Notimex –

A earthquake of magnitude 7.5 was registered this Wednesday in the region of Far East russian Kuril islands, with which the tsunami warning in Hawaii, 5,600 kilometers from the origin of the movement.

According to information from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the earthquake was located 219 kilometers southeast of the Severo-Kurilsk region and had a depth of 56.7 kilometers.

The epicenter was registered in an area far from populated regions, according to Sky Alert, so that so far no material damage or fatalities have been reported.

The National Emergency Office (ONEMI) of Chile reported that the country is evaluating whether it is necessary to activate tsunami warning on Chilean coasts, according to the newspaper La Tercera.