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Every presentation leaves some questions regarding announcements expected by fans, although there are no elements to justify the expectation. After the transmission of EA Play 2020, a sector questioned what will happen with one of the most important franchises of the company, Battlefield, and although there is nothing official, an insider pointed out part of what happens with it.

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Jeff Grubb, a member of GamesBeat, revealed that EA’s plans for Battlefield included a remaster of Battlefield Bad Company, a delivery that debuted on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2008 and whose return has been requested by a sector of fans of the franchise. However, although he did not disclose the causes, Grubb noted that this project has been archived for now, so we will not know about it in a long time.

In the same way, Grubb mentioned that the new installment of Skate, already confirmed in EA Play 2020, has been in plans for years but it was not just a wish. Apparently, this time there is already something concrete for its development.

As you know, this type of information must be taken with reserve because there is nothing official on the part of EA, except what has to do with Skate.

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